Every little girl dreams of their wedding.

At least, thats what the movies tell you.

I didnt dream of the white puffy dress, the knight in shining armor or walking down the aisle. For the longest time, I didnt even want to get married.

Until I did.

And thats when the shoulds society has in place started raining all over the place. You should have real flowers, they are more elegant. You should keep this prestigious event serious and formal. You should invite everyone.

Lets just say my DISNEY themed wedding was full of paper flowers and hidden mickeys. Also, my dress had pockets. Need I say more?

But, when I look back, all I can see is how much planning a wedding is just like building a GREAT BRAND.

Lesson 1:

When I ask you to recall a wedding youve gone to which one comes to mind?

Im 99.9% sure its not the boring wedding of your second cousin once removed and his stuck up wife. Its the wedding that had PERSONALITY.

The lesson: Personality makes you and your brand memorable.

Lesson 2:

We all admire the revolutionary brands: Apple, Disney, Lego. But, what we fail to recognize is how much you have to say NO to in order to become that revolutionary brand with a clear mission, purpose and values.

When planning a wedding everyone is going to push THEIR thoughts on you, your fianc矇 and the event. Its important to stick to your beliefs and do things your way and you do this by speaking up for yourself and your values.

The lesson: Revolutionary brands have something to say and they say it LOUDLY.


Lesson 3:

Finally, think of the best wedding youve gone to. What was so magnificent about it? The food? The music? The decor?

Truth is, its probably a mixture of these things, because in events like this all of your senses are taking in your surroundings and creating an experience. A great brand should do the same thing.

The lesson: Your brand goes further than your visuals it needs to have dimension.

And just like I planned and DIYed my entire wedding,

I want to help YOU take your brand to the next level by:


Embracing YOUR WEIRD to create the magical things only you can come up with.

Building an EXPERIENCE out of working with you by adding on the layers that create a truly dimensional brand.

Using creativity to take your content, offers and visuals somewhere they’ve never been before.

All your fellow quirky entrepreneurs are in my free community Brand Your Weird.
I hope you’ll join the group and start this magical journey of embracing your whimsical side!